You don't loose yourself and don't spend time to arrive to your destination
Especially recommended as a personal guide in the open places.

"MySherpa" is a beeper that will guide you through your mobile to a predetermined destination.

Locate on a macro concert to your friends in the crowd will take you to your car and not get lost in your marches through the countryside or mountains as well as help you navigate your boat.

Using the GPS and compass of their own mobile, "mySherpa" quickly and easily shows the direction and distance to go, or return to a previously marked position. We can even send one position to another phone so you can speak to her. 

The application of different device stores GPS locations for later retrieval.

The main screen displays three options:
1 ·     Save Current:

Stores Current location coordinates, requesting a title identifier for later retrieval.

2 ·    List:

Displays the list of saved positions. By checking one of them we are four options that allow us to:
  • Select destination
  • Mail contact
  • Remove
  • Rename
Mark the position and selecting as a destination, the display shows the distance and direction to follow from the current position in which the user is located and the destination position. The update of the entries will take place as we move from site and there is GPS coverage.
The data shown are:   
  • Latitude and longitude of current position.
  • Latitude and longitude of the target position.
  • Distance to destination.
  • Needle indicates the direction. 


3 ·     Send to contact
Allows the user to send a current position in an SMS to a contact in your phonebook.
If the recipient has the application installed and receive SMS in your mailbox, you can start with the received target position.
In the event that the person to whom the application is installed not only receive the message with latitude and longitude and the instructions to download and install the software that enables viewing.